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  • Deploy business analytics software in days, not weeks or months.
  • Easily uncover actionable insights for profit improvement.
  • Identify the precise impact of mix shift on margins.
  • Automate margin analysis across key customer, product, and market dimensions.
  • Reduce expensive customer churn through informed retention analytics.
  • Establish and enforce sound pricing discipline through optimization.
Sales Performance
Determine which sales programs are most profitable and which ones need closer attention with automated data analysis across key customer, product, and market dimensions.
Profit Waterfall
Efficiently improve your margins with detailed profitability analysis across sales and marketing dimensions in your business.
Reduce expensive customer churn by quickly identifying which customers you risk losing and which ones are loyal over time.
Price Realization
Measure your price realization faster and more effectively, isolating changes in customer and product mix to determine the true impact of price increases on your bottom line.
Price/Volume/Mix Analysis
Measure the precise impact that price, cost, currency, customer mix, product mix, channel mix, and other mix shifts have on margin changes in your business.
Identify and customize the alerts on any item that affects your bottom line, in real-time. Set up alerts for improvement opportunities or when your profitability faces an adverse outcome.